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The Daily Diary of the
Creatively Dressed

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WearToday is the daily diary of the creatively dressed. Use the self-timer to take a photo and share your outfit, discover and follow inspiring new people, like and comment on outfits you love, then take what you’ve learned and apply it tomorrow.

One of a Kind Closet

We automatically organize what you wear, as you wear it. Keep track of the different times you’ve worn the same shoes, or see everything you own from the closet tab on your profile. And tagging your outfit couldn’t be faster — just select from what you’ve already added to your closet.


Now you can easily take your own full-body photo (saving you from bad selfies). Your phone stands up on it’s own, or you can use a binder clip as a tripod. Your can also have a friend take your photo and post from your library.

Gorgeous Full-Body Photos

We make it easy to consistently crop your photo each day — that way all outfits on WearToday are full-body and easy to browse. WearToday also has an amazing photo filter that can enhance even the darkest lighting situations.

Easy Sharing

Share your outfit to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.